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The most remote places on earth have always been discovered by dedicated, cohesive and driven teams. When the going gets tough, it’s the crews that help you through.

Discover who your crew is and how they can take over the world with customisable team development programmes.


The 5 dysfunctions of a team

The most daring travellers of our time never went alone. “It’s better with a team”, they’d say. But there are crews that succeed and those that don’t.

What makes some teams cohesive and effective? What behaviours help them reach new heights? These are questions answered by Patrick Lencioni in his 5 Dysfunctions of a Team business fable. And now you can also learn the secrets to making your ship crew row the boat in the direction you all need.

Learn more about The 5 Dysfunctions

Prices start at €1200

Psychometric assessments

The greatest captains in world history always relied on a compass – something to remind them where North is. With psychometric assessments you can learn who every person on your crew is and decide where you all want to be.

Psychometric assessments help team members discover themselves first and foremost. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC allow crew members to understand and utilise their personalities and develop in all areas of their lives, regardless of where you’re all going.

Learn more about MBTI

Learn more about DiSC

Prices start at €750

Psychometric Assessments

Team coaching

Your ship has been at sea for a long time, you’ve stood against sea monsters and great storms. And every time you see your destination, it seems to move just beyond your reach.

Team coaching can help you clarify your vision and support you in taking actions that bring you closer to realising your crew’s full potential. With team coaching you can lead a meaningful transformation that not only gets you to your final destinations but also makes your journey more pleasant.

Prices start at €250

Team Coaching


No matter how far you’ve traveled and how many strange and exotic lands you’ve visited, there always comes a time to rest and celebrate your successes.

Custom teambuilding events are a great way to sit under the shade, enjoy the nice breeze and tell your crew members the great stories of your travels. And if this involves a few games and pints, so be it. 

Prices start at €750

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