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All travellers have their own stories to tell – the lands they’ve visited, the challenges they’ve faced and the people they’ve met.


Customised development programmes are the best way to extract the most essential stories out of every adventure and get ready for new and more rewarding journeys.



You’ve been travelling for a long time. And every time you seem to get closer to your destination, it moves just a little out of reach.

Personal coaching can help you clarify your vision and support you in taking actions that bring you closer to realising your full potential. With coaching you can lead a meaningful transformation that not only gets you to your final destinations but also makes your journey more pleasant.

Prices start at €120

Psychometric assessments

Every traveller needs a compass. And in the journey of self-discovery psychometric assessments are the arrow that always points North – towards who you are and who you can be.

Psychometric assessments help you discover yourself first and foremost. The instruments Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC allow you to understand and utilise your personality and develop in all areas of your life, regardless of where the winds might blow.

Learn more about MBTI

Learn more about DiSC

Prices start at €300

Personal development plans (PDP)

All the great explorers used maps. Your Personal Development Plan is just that – a map to your individual discovery and improvement, a map to a better life. Develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses, take a structured approach to your personal growth and journey through life.

Prices start at €200

Psychometric Assessment
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