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Management & leadership

There are so many stories of great captains. But one thing that unites them all is the love of adventures and a drive for a higher purpose.

Unleash your inner traveller and find the path that leads you to greatness with customisable management and leadership development programmes.


Custom Academy

No two ships are exactly the same – your company is unique and so are your crew. Your managers and leaders are the ones that make the oars propel your ship.

With a custom management academy, you can help them get the most out of their teams and accomplish the results you always envisioned – conquer the competition and set sails to new and undiscovered lands.

Psychometric assessments

The greatest captains in world history always relied on a compass – something to remind them where North is. With psychometric assessments you can learn who you are and decide where you want to be.

Psychometric assessments help you discover yourself first and foremost. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC allow you to understand and utilise your personality and develop in all areas of your life, regardless of where you’re going.

Learn more about MBTI

Learn more about DiSC

Prices start at €300

Psychometric Assessment

360-degree feedback

Hot air balloons need both hot air and sand bags to ensure a smooth trip.

A 360-degree feedback is a tool to help you understand what your strengths (hot air) and development areas (sand bags) are by asking your co-adventurers for feedback. While some of them might be in the basket with you, and others on the ground, all of them will provide you with a 360-degree view of yourself and your behaviours.

View a sample 360-degree feedback report

Prices start at €500

360 Feedback


You’ve been travelling for a long time. And every time you seem to get closer to your destination, it moves just a little out of reach.

Management and Leadership coaching can help you clarify your vision and support you in taking actions that bring you closer to realising your full potential. With coaching you can lead a meaningful transformation that not only gets you to your final destinations but also makes your journey more pleasant.

Prices start at €200

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