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Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership programs can help even experienced executives to be better leaders. Indeed, in an increasingly complex business environment, transformational leadership skills can make all the difference in how well you can lead your team and rise to meet evolving challenges.

Sample Learning Objectives

• What is transformational leadership

• How to effectively influence followers

• How to inspire and motivate others

• How to stimulate people intellectually

• How to ‘read’ people and consider each individual’s needs

Available format

Classroom / 8-16 hours

Flipped / 4-8 hours

Webinar / 2 hours




Management & Leadership Development


Bulgarian, English

Note: We'll work with you to help you identify your specific training needs upfront and then develop a customized training solution to help you reach your specific goals. The above training objectives are just a sample of what could be covered in this topic. For more information, please contact us.

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