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The key purpose of a training is to help people to learn, where learning occurs best when people feel involved, can ask and answer questions, discuss, debate, try things out, work in teams, and reflect on and apply ideas. Great trainers understand how people learn, what stops them learning and how to create a stimulating learning environment.

Sample Learning Objectives

• How adults learn and how to cater for different learning styles

• How to structure a training event, set up and debrief group activities.

• How to set up the room, manage session timings, and how to handle difficult participants.

• How to use appropriate visual aids – video clips, flip charts, PowerPoint, music, etc.

Available format

Classroom / 12-16 hours

Flipped / 4-8 hours




Interpersonal Development


Bulgarian, English

Note: We'll work with you to help you identify your specific training needs upfront and then develop a customized training solution to help you reach your specific goals. The above training objectives are just a sample of what could be covered in this topic. For more information, please contact us.

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