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Giving Effective Feedback

The workplace today requires us to know how to effectively and constructively provide feedback to others. But this may be a challenging task for someone who is afraid of hurting other people’s feelings or simply doesn’t know how to put a good sentence together.

Sample Learning Objectives

• What effective feedback is

• Communicating negative feedback

• Understanding the power of praise

• Practising different techniques for giving and receiving feedback

Available format

Classroom / 6 hours

Flipped / 3 hours

Webinar / 1.5 hours


Team leaders, managers, leaders


Management & Leadership Development


Bulgarian, English

Note: We'll work with you to help you identify your specific training needs upfront and then develop a customized training solution to help you reach your specific goals. The above training objectives are just a sample of what could be covered in this topic. For more information, please contact us.

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