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Learning and Development Consultancy  


Finding time for training in today’s busy world isn’t easy. Our workshops are designed using accelerated learning techniques to ensure maximum learning in minimum time. All training workshops are designed to make powerful impact on what your people do and how they do it. 

Chose among numerous variety of corporate training and related services

  • design and development,
  • facilitation,
  • consultation,
  • online/eLearning creation,
  • animation and videos,
  • ready-to-use materials and many others! 

Team Development

When teams need to come together and find a way to be more efficient, creative or work together better, companies usually opt in for a teambuilding. These events are  most commonly associated with fun outdoor games that bring the team closer, followed by dinner and drinks. But these kind of teambuildings rarely yield long-term effects on teams that work together on a daily basis.

For a different experience you need a good understanding on your business, of the people who work in teams and a detailed analysis of the current and desired state and the team dynamic.

This is why we offer individual custom-made development programmes, that address your specific needs and can really help your teams reach their goals and improve their performance.


Individual coaching is a confidential partnership that is entirely focused on YOUR success. It is also one of the most powerful and personalized ways to develop yourself quickly and in any area or your personal or professional life.  In the coaching conversations YOU drive an dictate the direction, YOU decide what you want or need to achieve, what action to take and how to continue ahead.

Coaching helps you to think creatively and to from new perspectives, to clarify your goals, to plan strategically and jump-start the inner changes needed to turn your goals into a reality.  Methodologies focused on finding the right solutions put you in the driver’s seat of every conversation, and assist you to focus your attention on the ideal positive outcome you want to create for your future and the future of your projects.

Corporate Services

At Learning Adventures we help you grow and develop your workforce by igniting the fire within them. We design and develop learning solutions to empower growth, change and development. Our solutions reflect the specific requirements of our clients – from bespoke blended learning programmes, induction, soft skills and compliance training, to support with improving engagement and driving change. We can provide a range of tailored learning and development solutions to help you grow and develop your existing workforce without the administrative hassle.

Some of the most frequent topics out clients are interested in are:
    • Management and/or leadership development
    • Team dynamic analysis and team development
    • Individual and team coaching
    • Psychometric assessments / personality profiles
    • Learning and Development strategy
    • Training and Learning Needs Analysis
Your every project will be analysed in details and only the most appropriate solutions proposed.
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